Definition of stemless in US English:



  • See stem

    • ‘The invertebrate fauna includes many planktonic forms, particularly jellyfish and the stemless crinoid Saccoma, and also nektonic organisms such as cephalopods.’
    • ‘The flights are served in stemless glasses - three champagnes and a Perrier water - held by a silver stand.’
    • ‘The fruit is round, and almost stemless: light green when underripe, and ripening to a whitish or dull yellowish-green, or occasionally red.’
    • ‘The Haworthia attenuata has a stemless rosette of really tough dark green leaves that have bands of glistening white tubercles.’
    • ‘The popular vigorous variety ‘Superba’ can be invasive with large, rich violet flowers on stems up to 80 cm high, while C.glomerata acaulis is virtually stemless, growing to only 15 cm.’