Definition of stem turn in English:

stem turn


  • A turn made by stemming with the upper ski and lifting the lower one parallel to it toward the end of the turn.

    • ‘He ran the school for eight seasons thereafter, increasing the number of instructors teaching stem turns each season.’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, you start the downhill stem turn by pushing your downhill ski into a stem.’
    • ‘Skiers learn to use both skis independently, with step turns, stem turns, and one- or two-footed movements.’
    • ‘In order to make good parallel turns you will need to learn to place both skis on their new edges simultaneously, not one after the other as in a stem turn.’
    • ‘They are more graceful and faster than stem turns, or the other great ski maneuver - the Telemark.’


stem turn

/ˈstem ˌtərn/