Definition of stellar wind in US English:

stellar wind


  • A continuous flow of charged particles from a star.

    • ‘They are characterised by high masses, strong stellar winds, and accreting material from the companion star leading to a ‘cocoon’ around the compact source.’
    • ‘The dust needed help coming together fast, in kilometer-wide protoplanets, in the first few million years after a star was born, or the stellar wind would blow it all away.’
    • ‘But if a breeze blows through it - say, a stellar wind from a giant star nearby - the gas is driven outward.’
    • ‘Such a massive star has strong stellar winds that can clear away the gas around it and form a wind-blown bubble.’
    • ‘An aging star sheds its outer layers of gas through stellar winds.’


stellar wind

/ˌstelər ˈwind/