Definition of steeply in US English:



  • 1At a steep angle; sharply.

    ‘the walls of the gorge rise steeply on both sides’
    ‘the steeply sloping ocean floor’
    • ‘A plywood wall unexpectedly fronts for a steeply inclined wedge.’
    • ‘In front, the land dropped steeply away to the desert.’
    • ‘The road meanders upward quite steeply from both valleys, offering spectacular views across most of the central fells.’
    • ‘To the east lie the steeply terraced streets of the former cotton industry towns.’
    • ‘We turn onto a narrow track steeply banked on either side by impenetrable thorn scrub.’
    1. 1.1 By a very large or sudden amount.
      ‘prices rose steeply’
      ‘steeply discounted rates’
      • ‘It has emerged that financial support for the party has dropped off steeply.’
      • ‘They want developing countries to cut their bounded tariff steeply and to bound the tariff of all products.’
      • ‘Jackdaws and wood pigeon show little overall change, but numbers of skylark and grey partridge have declined steeply.’
      • ‘The number of police officers is expected to increase steeply over the next few months.’
      • ‘Cattle numbers have dropped steeply this week with the holiday period looming.’