Definition of steel engraving in English:

steel engraving


  • 1The process or action of engraving a design into a steel plate.

    • ‘This method was referred to as ‘engraving in relief,’ but should not be confused with an intaglio process as in copper and steel engravings where the recesses or grooves receive the ink.’
    • ‘Landseer was one of the first artists to allow his works to be widely disseminated through the then new medium of steel engraving.’
    • ‘Doré also did a series of steel engravings for Tennyson's Idylls of the King, and illustrated Coleridge's Ancient Mariner and the works of Dante, Balzac, Ariosto, Rabelais, Cervantes, and many others.’
    1. 1.1 A print made from an engraved steel plate.
      • ‘The art of engraving from paintings reached its apotheosis in the mid-Victorian period, with vast steel engravings after such artists as Frith and Millais.’
      • ‘It was illustrated with hand-colored copperplate engravings - an expensive and labor intensive process used by most printers until about 1830, when hand-colored steel engravings were introduced.’
      • ‘He was never interested in any Western techniques like etchings or steel engravings.’
      • ‘The print was described in the contemporary press as a ‘steel engraving,’ although in fact it was engraved on a copper printing plate that has survived to this day.’
      • ‘The first cutaways are marvelous, elaborate steel engravings and the first use of the airbrush started in the 1890s.’
      • ‘The book on his father's shelves was, if I remember correctly, the old Grolier edition with its impressive steel engravings, and it imprinted itself on the imaginative boy's mind.’
      • ‘I recall the excitement all of us felt when Society archivists found steel engravings to illustrate every opening layout and the contents of every chapter.’
      • ‘What probably stimulated the end of Dickens's working relationship with Browne was the shift in fashion in the mid-1850s away from steel engravings towards a revival of woodblock illustration.’


steel engraving