Definition of steel-plated in US English:



  • Covered or reinforced with steel.

    ‘a secure room with fitted steel-plated walls’
    • ‘Designed to keep out intruders, the small chamber is protected by steel-plated walls, ceiling, and floor, and a door that is close to impervious.’
    • ‘The bullet smashed into the grey steelplated door six inches from Claudia's head.’
    • ‘The steel-plated dam collapsed only a year later.’
    • ‘People leapt form windows, tunneled and crept through sewers, rammed through the gates in steel-plated trucks, crawled through mud, and swam the icy waters of the city's rivers and canals.’
    • ‘For part of the war, the whole family, two parents, a Grandma, and we three boys, all had to sleep downstairs in a huge steel plated construction in the dining room, just in case the bombs did drop and the house fell in.’
    • ‘The tank has come a long way since those early days, when it was little more than a steel-plated machinegun carrier.’
    • ‘The emergence of steam-driven, steel-plated warships created the need for specialized engineering officers in the navy.’
    • ‘Whenever the duchess stays at the £900,000 home, she will be guarded by Royal Protection Officers in three steel-plated units at the gate.’
    • ‘The students stopped at two steel plated doors.’
    • ‘If a shotgun is held up against a door, the rounds will go through 65 mm-thick timber, steel-plated fire doors or armoured glass.’
    armour-plated, ironclad, mailed
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