Definition of steaming in US English:



  • 1Giving off steam.

    ‘a basin of steaming water’
    • ‘Kendall let out a slow sigh and turned to face Elma who had returned to her boiling kettle of water, lifting out steaming clothing with a thick stick.’
    • ‘I held my breath and submerged myself under the steaming water.’
    • ‘Daemyn returned a little later with a large bowl of steaming water’
    • ‘Millie rose, head still bowed, and poured the last remaining buckets of water into the steaming tub.’
    • ‘Slipping out of her flannel yellow pajamas, she turned on the faucet and watched the steaming water pour forth from the showerhead.’
    • ‘A maid entered with rags, another with a steaming bowl of water, and a third with bandages and alcohol.’
    • ‘Pouring water over a steaming engine that was in danger of spurting boiling jets of vapor with the wrong timing of a pour.’
    • ‘An hour later, here she was, sitting in a padded barrel of steaming water, and having her hair untangled by her mother's maid.’
    • ‘The dishes there were old, and needed soaking, so Jim just filled the sink with steaming water, and stuffed all the dirties inside.’
    • ‘Soon they were all pushing her toward a tub of steaming water.’
    • ‘My hands reached up and held my head as more tears fell, falling to the floor and rolling over to the steaming water where the formed little gray swirls.’
    • ‘Not that there's much to see through the steaming sheet of water dancing around me, running in freezing rivulets down my back and filling up my shoes.’
    • ‘The being moved to the bedside table and brought a pitcher forth, pouring steaming water into a bowl and then producing a rag.’
    • ‘Ellie nodded and poured the steaming water into the two cups.’
    • ‘Place the wedges in a steaming basket over boiling water.’
    • ‘She turned on the shower and scowled at the steaming water.’
    • ‘Waimangu Volcanic Valley's highlight is its Inferno Crater, as well as powder blue, steaming waters and sheer crater walls.’
    • ‘Crane stood under the shower head and allowed himself the small indulgence of simply standing in the steaming water as it cascaded over him.’
    • ‘Lydia is sitting in a bathtub of steaming water.’
    • ‘Norwood sighed to himself as he stepped under the steaming water, letting go of all the tension and stress he'd built up around himself in the last week or so.’
    humid, muggy, sticky, dripping, moist, damp, clammy, sultry, sweltering, boiling, sweaty, like a turkish bath, like a sauna
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  • 2British informal Extremely drunk.

    • ‘She said she could not remember what she had done because she was ‘blind steaming drunk’.’
    • ‘The other four girls seemed nice, all of them were steaming drunk - as was I and all were glad they'd worn thongs.’
    intoxicated, inebriated, drunken, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
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  • 3British informal Very angry.

    • ‘I am fuming, steaming, spitting fire, yup I'm angry and it's not often I ‘do’ angry.’
    heated, piping, piping hot, sizzling, roasting, boiling, boiling hot, searing, scorching, scalding, red-hot
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as submodifier steaming hot
  • Extremely hot.

    • ‘In this same vein I cannot recommend strongly enough the sticky toffee pudding, which arrives steaming hot and dripping in butterscotch sauce.’
    • ‘But a steaming hot one with a detachable nozzle wouldn't go astray.’
    • ‘I went on a university field trip last year, and on the first night everyone had a steaming hot roast dinner - just what was needed after a days travelling.’
    • ‘A sharp knock in the morning and steaming hot tea would wake us up to another glorious day - the sun emerging from behind mist wreathed hills.’
    • ‘She chose cream and pronounced the steaming hot beverage excellent.’
    • ‘I think something parents could use is a shot of Christmas Cheer in the steaming hot cup of coffee you have already listed.’
    • ‘The main criteria for late-night takeout is that it be spicy hot and steaming hot.’
    • ‘A short time later, the main courses arrived, at the same time, perfectly cooked, on steaming hot plates.’
    • ‘He thinks, too, of pumpkin pie and fresh harvested honey and steaming hot cocoa.’
    • ‘Serve on top of steaming hot rice and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.’
    • ‘We chose the sticky toffee pudding, served with steaming hot custard, and banoffee tart, a delicious combination of banana and toffee flavours.’
    • ‘A full-scale weekend grocery shop, by myself, and copious amounts of steaming hot peppermint tea.’
    • ‘What you do pass is a succession of stunning scenery from glittering white glaciers to jet-black beaches, steaming hot springs to foaming Arctic seas.’
    • ‘But we in Jamaica call it tea, perhaps because it's serve steaming hot.’
    • ‘Afterwards, toast marshmallows while enjoying steaming hot chocolate or coffee.’
    • ‘Mr. Tuckett walked into school with his steaming hot coffee thirty-three minutes before his first class.’
    • ‘Serve on top of steaming hot jasmine rice and garnish with fresh coriander.’
    • ‘I ordered them to my home and they arrived steaming hot!’
    • ‘Having conquered the cold by way of a lovely steaming hot morning shower, I eventually I made it into work.’
    • ‘Well, he recently confessed to enjoying a regular breakfast of potatoes covered in Guinness washed down with a steaming hot mug of poteen.’