Definition of steamer trunk in US English:

steamer trunk


  • A sturdy trunk designed or intended for use on board a steamship.

    • ‘Four items stood along one wall: two tall chests of drawers, an antique wardrobe, and a steamer trunk, its lid propped open with a block of wood.’
    • ‘Neatly stacked, they recall romantic images of steamer trunks and train travel.’
    • ‘She motioned to an open portfolio on the steamer trunk at the foot of Rachel's bed.’
    • ‘This is just a weekend jaunt and I didn't bring the three steamer trunks full of ball gowns that usually accompany me when I tour.’
    • ‘He reached into the open steamer trunk next to him.’
    • ‘It was wedged firmly between a steamer trunk and various other items at the bottom.’
    • ‘Things improve when Mimi Glossop meets her ditzy Aunt Hortense at London customs with a near-shipload of steamer trunks in tow, returning from a shopping spree in Paris.’
    • ‘Investigators arrived and, in addition to the body inside the large steamer trunk, they found another body in the small case.’
    • ‘Our class steamer trunk is always overflowing with pillows available to construction workers.’
    • ‘He led me to a steamer trunk, opened the lid and began to take out dark velvet trousers, shirts of raw silk, scarves hung with gold ornaments.’
    • ‘There was still another steamer trunk, hidden beneath a trunk of Jane's silk satin ball gowns and safari clothes, that in my haste and excitement over the letters I'd neglected to open.’
    • ‘He ran into the corner and opened the steamer trunk.’
    • ‘It came in a box about the size of a steamer trunk.’
    • ‘From the era of the steamship, before jet airplanes eliminated the need for steamer trunks, comes the vintage luggage label.’
    • ‘The other things were packed in her steamer trunk and were given to one of the musicians to carry ahead.’
    • ‘She was having a bad hair day and the bags under her eyes were big enough to qualify for steamer trunks.’
    • ‘Now, if it were a bottle of whiskey you discovered hiding in the steamer trunk buried under a boxed weight set in your roommate's locked closet, you'd be perfectly happy.’
    • ‘A familiar stench of death greeted the veteran officers and they quickly discovered the steamer trunk.’
    • ‘It's not like the days when we arrived with steamer trunks.’