Definition of steamer duck in US English:

steamer duck


  • A sturdily built grayish duck which churns the water with its wings when fleeing danger, typically flightless and native to southern South America.

    Genus Tachyeres, family Anatidae: several species, including the flightless T. brachypterus of the Falkland Islands

    • ‘In the sandy bay along the water's edge look out for birds such as the magellanic and blackish oystercatchers, the Falkland flightless steamer duck along with the kelp goose and the crested duck.’
    • ‘It is a good area for photographing Kelp Geese and steamer ducks.’
    • ‘Also very glad to see your praise of the steamer ducks - a truly exceptional group.’
    • ‘The following day, we set off on the 300 km drive to El Calafate stopping at Laguna de las Escardados on the way where we saw magellanic plover, flying steamer duck and baird's sandpiper.’
    • ‘The flying steamer duck can fly, but generally prefers not to.’
    • ‘It was very similar to Flyightless steamer duck, but with smaller and longer wings.’
    • ‘Some species of steamer duck are flightless; in other species, the males are often too massive to fly, even though juveniles and females can fly well.’
    • ‘It is a good area for photographing Kelp Geese and steamer ducks and other birds.’
    • ‘There are other species of steamer ducks who do have wings and are able to fly, however, most chose not to.’
    • ‘We'll look for giant woodpeckers, albatrosses, steamer ducks, guanacos, sea otters and red and gray foxes.’