Definition of steamboat in US English:



  • A boat that is propelled by a steam engine, especially a paddle-wheel craft of a type used widely on rivers in the 19th century.

    • ‘After the Supreme Court decision, new companies immediately began to operate more up-to-date steamboats on the Hudson.’
    • ‘A steamboat is a boat propelled by steam, but a riverboat is not a boat propelled by a river.’
    • ‘During this period, Americans were most likely to have prolonged encounters with strangers when they were at urban business hotels, rural resorts, or on steamboats or sailing ships.’
    • ‘Early models of steamboats include the steam-driven paddle-wheel boat built by French nobleman Marquis Claude de Jouffroy d' Abbans and tested on the Satne River in 1783.’
    • ‘Marlow continues down the river on his steamboat with a crew of several whites and about 20 to 30 blacks.’
    • ‘The 436-passenger paddlewheel steamboat returns to the river in a January 18 departure from its home port of New Orleans.’
    • ‘The sternwheel steamboat Delta Queen is paddling slowly along the Tennessee River, the early morning sun burning off wispy fog rising from a placid surface.’
    • ‘The supply steamboats began to ferry all of them across to the west bank of the Missouri, where men of the Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry were building a new post, Fort Rice.’
    • ‘Harlem, however, was primed at the turn of the 20th century with the advent of steamboats, cars and electric trains.’
    • ‘Brown testified to helping slaves obtain free papers and then either booking them on steamboats or helping them obtain work on the river.’
    • ‘The novel, which was written by Frank Yerby, opens with Fox being thrown off a steamboat on the Mississippi River and ends with the destruction of his plantation, Harrow.’
    • ‘Like most contemporary Hudson River steamboats, the Albany was designed to transport passengers and light freight.’
    • ‘Amateur model boat builders, young and old, will be entering their vessels into a variety of classes including warships, steamboats and sailing boats.’
    • ‘At one time, over 300 paddlewheel steamboats plied the Delta.’
    • ‘Inside the museum, all manner of detailed models, from submarines, steamboats and trawlers to battleships, tugs and cobles, competed for best model in the various classes.’
    • ‘Returning to America, Fulton continued developing steamboats and naval weapons until his death.’
    • ‘The river steamboats are designed in 19th century format with stylish furnishings - an impressive mirrored and brass staircase and a lounge with a two-storied glass rear wall for a glimpse of the giant paddlewheel.’
    • ‘Before the Civil War, there was definitely an American river of that name, and steamboats, including showboats like the one commanded by Commodore Jackson, could navigate the river.’
    • ‘Warehouses and wharves proliferated, and steamboats and sailing vessels crowded the riverfront.’
    • ‘Eight city slickers had come to Montana for a six-day canoe trip down river from Fort Benton, once a frontier town of steamboats and gold miners.’