Definition of steam shovel in US English:

steam shovel


  • An excavator that is powered by steam.

    • ‘In May 1905 a contract was let to grade 128 miles of line from Parry Sound to Bolton and by June, 4000 men, hundreds of horses and 7 steam shovels were at work.’
    • ‘Canadian Copper Company steam shovel with locomotive-style boiler, loading roasted ore.’
    • ‘It is only on this basis that a worker using a steam shovel, for example, is to be credited with digging the hole he digs, no less than a worker using his bare hands, for he guides and directs the steam shovel.’
    • ‘On the ground, Fogg kept watch with a fieldphone from inside the metal scoop of a steam shovel.’
    • ‘When Yamamoto pursues the bomber, he winds up buried in dirt as the bomber commandeers a steam shovel; as he's being unearthed by Michelle, he screams, ‘What are you doing?’’
    • ‘But it was the development of larger steam shovels, improved drilling equipment, and other earth-moving machinery that made the growth of stripping possible.’
    • ‘‘We're standing over this hole where they're digging out the trash with a steam shovel,’ Townsend said, continuing the long-distance description.’
    • ‘By 1920 digging was easier, equipment included steam shovels, lorries, tractors and stone crushers.’
    • ‘Below my midtown hotel window, on a border between a poor neighborhood and the Nanking Street shopping Mecca, a new, block-sized building is going up as cranes and steam shovels toil even through the night.’
    • ‘The first equipment used in the pit was a steam shovel.’
    • ‘Of course these same innovations-from early steam shovels to ‘monster’ draglines-ushered in a dark new age of environmental destruction.’
    • ‘The boys saw railroad construction done with giant steam shovels.’
    • ‘A.D. 1000 - For millions of years before the invention of bulldozers, ox-pulled ploughs, rotary tillers, and steam shovels, Earth's skin was eroded at a slow, steady pace by wind, water, and natural chemical change.’
    • ‘One draws a deep breath at this and notices uneasily that a mighty big shoehorn - it looks like a steam shovel - is trying to jam a lot of writers into a fairly tight social category.’


steam shovel

/ˈstēm ˌSHəvəl//ˈstim ˌʃəvəl/