Definition of steam jacket in US English:

steam jacket


  • A steam-filled casing that is fitted around a cylinder in order to heat its contents.

    • ‘The digesters were fitted with full-length agitator shafts and heated by steam jackets under high pressure.’
    • ‘In a multi-reactor plant, where steam jackets may have different jacket pressures, the same general system may be used.’
    • ‘When decoction mashing is used, the mash tun itself will normally be fitted with steam jackets and sometimes steam coils.’
    • ‘On the return from her maiden voyage one of the steam jackets for a funnel exploded.’
    • ‘Low-pressure steam contained in a steam jacket provides heating energy while the sludge cake is mixed within the dryer.’
    • ‘All units are hydraulically tested up to 40 P.S.I. the space between the outer chamber and steam jacket is filled with asbestos sheet or glass wool to minimize the thermal losses.’
    • ‘They also worked in bakeries, laundries, and anywhere steam jackets operated.’
    • ‘Note the presence of the condenser and the warm steam jacket that surrounds the cylinder.’
    • ‘Expansion apparatus consisting of a steam jacket, three corks, and metal rods; water boiler; rubber tubing; Bunsen burner; container to catch steam condensation; thermometers.’
    • ‘Phenol and formaldehyde, plus an alkali catalyst, are introduced into the reactor and the stirring begins, along with some heat from the steam jacket.’
    • ‘Triple walled with steam jacket and separate boiler Inner chamber and steam jacket are made up of Heavy gauge S.S. Sheet with leak proof argon-arc welding.’
    • ‘Another object of the invention is to provide a steam jacket to the sterilizer chamber wherein the jacket is totally isolated from the chamber to supply a constant desired heat to the chamber.’
    • ‘Most breweries use a steam-fired kettle, which uses steam jackets in the kettle to boil the wort.’
    • ‘In this case, when workers were cleaning the tanks, they were made uncomfortable by the heat of the steam jackets on the tanks.’
    • ‘The fact of not having any steam at or above atmospheric pressure in the lower cylinders at first, must be attributable to the steam jackets and inter-heater not working properly.’
    • ‘This 150 gallon kettle has a steam jacket rated at max. working pressure of 100 psi at 338 degree F.’
    • ‘The mash tun in a decoction system is normally fitted with steam jackets and sometimes steam coils in order to maintain the wort temperature, particularly during the rests.’
    • ‘One of the yokes has a knurled thumb screw to lock the steam jacket in place.’
    • ‘In 1769, a mathematical-instrument maker by the name of James Watt filed a patent for an engine which called for strange things such as condensers and steam jackets.’
    • ‘A control circuit controls the operation of the means for admitting steam and the chamber valve such that the pressure in the steam chamber follows the pressure in the steam jacket.’