Definition of steam hammer in US English:

steam hammer


  • A large steam-powered hammer used in forging.

    • ‘Drop Forging This is the modern equivalent of smith forging where the limited force of the blacksmith has been replaced by the mechanical or steam hammer.’
    • ‘We are not talking about some steam hammer here, your Honour.’
    • ‘Four puffs in and I heard a caterwauling with the timbre of a steam hammer driving in shipyard rivets.’
    • ‘But by the dawn of the twentieth century, advertisers' new, bolder methods meant that ‘like the Nasmuth steam hammer, advertising can be used with crushing, irresistible force’.’
    • ‘A six and 10 fours came from him, some of them remarkable as respectable deliveries outside off - stump were whipped through the on-side with a right hand biffing in like a steam hammer.’
    • ‘Excavations revealed, for example, three massive steam hammer bases made to produce revolutionary Armstrong-type wrought iron guns after 1856.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the incumbency of Holmes in his cemetery comes as news to Mark, its foreman, who had previously assumed his most famous resident to be the man who invented the steam hammer.’
    • ‘Oetzi's corpse was removed from the ice, not by archaeologists, with delicate tools, but by the local mountain rescue team, with a steam hammer.’
    • ‘Or at the palpable and irresistible downward stroke of Mill's intellectual steam hammer.’
    • ‘It went straight down into the subway, like a million steam hammers.’
    • ‘Painters acquired the styles of Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec as effortlessly as industrialists learnt the secrets of Jacquard looms and steam hammers.’
    • ‘The flying winger left his marker for dead and delivered an excellent deep cross to the far post where Al-James Hannigan was charging in to steam hammer a crashing header across goal and in off keeper Kieron Drake's far post.’
    • ‘If they had been made in the second half of the 19th century they would have been shaped by compression, perhaps using a steam hammer.’
    • ‘He later became known as the Hammerman Poet after his work as a hammerman in the steam hammer shop at the works.’