Definition of steam boiler in US English:

steam boiler


  • A container such as that in a steam engine in which water is boiled to generate steam.

    • ‘He used an old steam boiler, filled with rocks, which was pulled by a horse or bullock team.’
    • ‘The collection languished for years in Harrison's steam boiler factory, and Catlin again lobbied the U.S. government to purchase his Indian collection to no avail.’
    • ‘Although its four steam boilers and turbines are each rated at 160MW, all have been poorly maintained for many years, largely due to spare parts shortages.’
    • ‘Byworth, based in Parkwood Street, is the only remaining independent manufacturer of hot water and steam boilers in the UK.’
    • ‘By 1880 Springfield factories printed and published books, produced envelopes and fine writing paper, sewing machines, church organs, ice skates, paint and chemicals, steam boilers, and fine watches.’