Definition of stealing in US English:



  • See steal

    • ‘This is obviously a question you should debate with your parents, but unless her stealing is a pattern, it was likely a mistake she's not bound to repeat.’
    • ‘Thomas Nixon Carver, for example, suggested as an alternative a tripartite division of forms of income into earnings, findings and stealings, under which increments to site values were considered findings.’
    • ‘There are all kinds of stealing that can take place in a business.’
    • ‘‘This man was hung for robbing A. Slane of si, i8o, and for other small stealings,’ read a specific account pinned to the body of George Sanders, lynched on Helena's Hanging Tree in 1865.’
    • ‘Not bad, compared to previous years, when store windows were smashed and some very foolish people thought that stealing is okay when done in a large, funloving group.’
    • ‘Guards informed him that an hour earlier Smith had ordered a soldier accused of stealing to be tied to the tracks of a tank that then drove around until he was reduced to mincemeat.’
    • ‘Does anyone, other than him, seriously favor stealing and exploitation and killing?’