Definition of steal the show in US English:

steal the show


  • Attract the most attention and praise.

    • ‘There was general agreement that Mayor Collins stole the show.’
    • ‘She was joined by Sunanda and Viswanath but it was Mitra who stole the show with his impeccable rendering of Ghantasala songs.’
    • ‘He stole the show with his attack on the Opposition parties.’
    • ‘Does he want to steal the show and be the center of attention?’
    • ‘The most talkative mimics of the parrot kingdom, the gray parrot, Pssitacus erithacus, stole the show.’
    • ‘He and Paul Scheer stole the show with their crazy cell-phone, moustached antics.’
    • ‘Star of the line dancers was 8 year old Sonia Henry who stole the show.’
    • ‘Anna described her younger sister as vivacious and ‘always stealing the show,’ which meant the attention of her parents and other adults.’
    • ‘It was Nagendra Shaw and his team who stole the show afterwards.’
    • ‘A most delightful and charming young person she stole the show, because with her personality we all just fell in love with her.’
    be the centre of attention, get all the attention, attract the most attention, be the focus of attention, be the main attraction, be the outstanding feature, put the others in the shade, be the high point, be the high spot, be the best part, have all eyes on one, be the cynosure
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