Definition of steakhouse in US English:



  • A restaurant that specializes in serving steaks.

    • ‘It's a tradition as tired as Sparks's décor that steakhouses subliminally punish people who order anything but red meat.’
    • ‘Me, I'm looking at a breakfast on March 15 that includes sausage and bacon, a lunch menu involving pepperoni and ham, and dinner at a nice steakhouse.’
    • ‘Joost spent yesterday evening in bed recovering from the nausea and diarrhoea that has affected seven of the 26-strong national squad after they ate at a local steakhouse.’
    • ‘As the darkness settles, and more shadows shift across the sidewalks, the aromas from a steakhouse and a fried chicken outlet, right next to each other, become more pronounced.’
    • ‘The bread was warmed and not microwaved to death, which is just one of the faults of lower-end steakhouses.’
    • ‘One steakhouse serving can fill your red meat ration for a month.’
    • ‘A colleague visited the Champany Inn near Linlithgow, West Lothian, to give one of Scotland's finest steakhouses a grilling.’
    • ‘I'm a big fan of high-end steakhouses and Ruth's Chris is consistently top notch.’
    • ‘The longtime St. Paul resident, who had been looking for a full-time job for months, hopes to get a kitchen position at a nice steakhouse after he finishes his on-site training.’
    • ‘He knows how many steaks sit in the refrigerators of the 64 Morton's steakhouses.’
    • ‘‘Our biggest sellers are Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, probably because we are a steakhouse,’ she says.’
    • ‘Go to the movies or take in a play, have a romantic dinner at JJ's (one of the best steakhouses around) and then go dancing at one of the nightclubs.’
    • ‘That phase also could see big-name home stores as well as more restaurants, like steakhouses.’
    • ‘But the steaks were good enough to win converts from the several other steakhouses that line US highways.’
    • ‘His wildly successful steakhouses, of which the Houston edition is No. 11, asks the diner to surrender to a certain kind of theatrical experience.’
    • ‘There's been a resurgence in steakhouses at clubs, pubs, brasseries and restaurants.’
    • ‘Looking around Brisbane now, the good hotel restaurants all seem to be the steakhouses.’
    • ‘Local steakhouses are booked from lunch until midnight.’
    • ‘There is no dearth of restaurants, you can find coffee shops, family restaurants, excellent seafood restaurants and fine steakhouses.’
    • ‘The article appeared to suggest that there is a diminishing demand in NYC for kosher restaurants (and perhaps steakhouses in particular).’