Definition of status quo ante in English:

status quo ante


usually the status quo rate
  • The previously existing state of affairs.

    • ‘We then reversed the District Court and directed it to ‘restore the status quo ante with respect to the $6.4 million.’’
    • ‘Those restrictions remained in force despite efforts to have them lifted and to have the military status quo ante at Strovilia restored.’
    • ‘The Eritrean forces remain in Ethiopian land despite the Ethiopian government's consistent calls for their withdrawal and for a full return to the status quo ante that prevailed prior to 6 May 1998.’
    • ‘As a remedy, the Judge recommended, among other things, a return to the status quo ante with regard to the change in the staffing requirement.’
    • ‘It's contemplated on the basis of principles that will not allow a return to the status quo ante.’
    • ‘If the refusal to bargain also includes unilateral action by the employer, the remedy usually includes restoration of the status quo ante and the employees are made whole for the loss of any benefits.’
    • ‘On the other hand the status quo ante the Oslo Accords is looking pretty good now.’
    • ‘After about the bazillionth time that Condoleezza Rice said status quo ante on Meet the Press, I wanted to personally perform some dental work on her, sans anesthetic, Marathon Man style.’
    • ‘Condoleezza Rice made it plain to Mahmoud Abbas that the United States would not accept a return to the status quo ante after the attacks on Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas this summer.’


Latin, literally ‘the state in which before’.


status quo ante

/ˈstātəs kwō ˈantē/