Definition of statue in English:



  • A carved or cast figure of a person or animal, especially one that is life-size or larger.

    • ‘Could it be a clue to how the Ancient Greeks produced those massive bronze statues?’
    • ‘He is best known for public statues, including several in prominent positions in London.’
    • ‘The statue itself, carved by Onslow Ford, is a cause of some controversy in its own right.’
    • ‘They may look like lifeless statues or figures made of plastic bricks, but they are still the class enemy.’
    • ‘For spiritual nourishment there were halls of worship filled with statues of the Buddha.’
    • ‘From photographs Colin then set to work creating the three five-metre high bronze statues.’
    • ‘James Boyle is correct about Edinburgh's lack of statues of great literary figures.’
    • ‘The sculptor Antonio Canova used classical statues as the basis for his figures of modern men and women.’
    • ‘One of the most stunning series of objects was a set of small bronze statues of horses.’
    • ‘The white marble from which Michelangelo carved his statues came from these mountains.’
    • ‘These are occupied by casts of statues found in other parts of the town.’
    • ‘Practically every store now stocks figurines and statues of the cheerful young god.’
    • ‘He was to be paid twelve dollars a month, and to be allowed two years in which to carve a statue.’
    • ‘The catalogue fails to note that the statue of Darius displayed is a reproduction.’
    • ‘Gilded statues and carvings adorn the walls and pilgrims come from far and wide.’
    • ‘The Happy Prince is a statue in the city square, a statue covered in gold leaf and crusted in gems.’
    • ‘On the upper shelf is the figure of Hercules after the statue in the Palazzo Farnese.’
    • ‘The bronze statue of Sir David has already been cast, and is now been giving its final burnishing.’
    • ‘However, it is very brittle and difficult to rework, and therefore not generally used to cast statues.’
    • ‘The only outward sign that the house could belong to a rider are two bronze statues of horses by the fountain on the front lawn.’
    sculpture, figure, effigy, statuette, figurine, idol
    carving, bronze, representation, likeness, image, graven image, model
    bust, head
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Middle English: from Old French, from Latin statua, from stare to stand.