Definition of statistical tables in US English:

statistical tables

plural noun

  • The values of the cumulative distribution functions, probability functions, or probability density functions of certain common distributions presented as reference tables for different values of their parameters.

    • ‘Many charts and tables, some taken from recent scientific publications or statistical tables, give an interesting amount of practical information without overcharging the overall text.’
    • ‘In particular, taking from statistical tables the mean value and standard deviation for sweep one finds for the group of n = 7 species the values 2.70 0.83.’
    • ‘David Barrett is an English, Anglican, mission scholar, statistician, and futurist known for his annual statistical tables on the state of global mission.’
    • ‘Although the book contains twelve statistical tables and four maps it is unfortunate that these record developments only up to 1986.’
    • ‘The numbers of transnational and international organizations of different types are given in the statistical tables of the various editions of the UIA yearbook.’
    • ‘He is chiefly known, however, for his work on mathematical and statistical tables.’
    • ‘For explaining the situations through the data there are over seventy statistical tables and over dozen figures and graphs.’
    • ‘There are numerous statistical tables, detailed references and a select bibliography.’
    • ‘For the academics in the crowd, here's a link to the version with the statistical tables.’
    • ‘The book is generally well-provided with graphs and statistical tables but a few more would have been useful.’
    • ‘More than 250 statistical tables convey a wide range of information about those programs - from beneficiary counts and benefit amounts to the status of the Trust Funds.’
    • ‘A look at the statistical tables provided in three appendices indicate that these churches are not draining membership from the mainline denominations to any great extent.’
    • ‘But a close reading of the evolving report shows that some entries in statistical tables were deleted from the final version.’
    • ‘For example, this section may contain statistical tables with accompanying textual explanation, or the substance of a case study.’
    • ‘The rhetorical clarity and apparent precision of statistical tables is deceiving.’
    • ‘It is a matter for minor regret that Poulton has not totalled these outputs by genre in his statistical tables amongst the prefatory material, but readers can do this relatively easily for themselves.’
    • ‘Equally useful is the rendering into statistical tables portions of the significant information contained in the sample.’
    • ‘New methods and categories in the statistical tables prepared by such institutions as the United Nations Development Program introduce new criteria to judge women's circumstances and progress.’
    • ‘According to Hopkins et al., it should be the position adopted by any researcher who employs human participants and attempts to calculate significance based on traditional parametric statistical tables.’
    • ‘Miller uses a number of statistical tables, but the quantification does not overwhelm the narrative.’