Definition of stateside in US English:


adjective & adverb

North American
  • Of, in, or toward the US (used in reference to the US from elsewhere or from the geographically separate states of Alaska and Hawaii)

    as adjective ‘stateside police departments’
    as adverb ‘they were headed stateside’
    • ‘Lawrie, who has been working with stateside sports psychologist Alan Fine for the past year, is so driven by the need to succeed that it colours his every comment.’
    • ‘Perhaps they stayed their hand because they knew closing a newspaper would provoke criticism stateside.’
    • ‘If a U.S. publisher decides to bring the games stateside, expect to hear more.’
    • ‘Do the diary entries and letters offer different perspectives about her life as a stateside soldier?’
    • ‘But it noted stronger foreign revenues would offset the weak stateside results.’
    • ‘I personally don't pay attention to the pop culture here in Japan, since my mind was still stateside.’
    • ‘When he came home the following Christmas, Levi was happy to know he would be sent somewhere stateside after the holidays.’
    • ‘Probably one of those weightlifters from back stateside, he thought.’
    • ‘Sloan is one of those bands whose lack of popularity stateside is lamented and ridiculed by their devoted fans.’
    • ‘Being a conscientious objector does not guarantee stateside safety.’
    • ‘That's 75,000 soldiers, give or take, who will either stay stateside or at a staging area in Kuwait.’
    • ‘Developing these versatile travel stations stateside is challenging.’
    • ‘I had orders, and was already thinking about leaving this tropical paradise and returning stateside.’
    • ‘When Taylor was activated for stateside duty in the Vietnam War later that month, Sinatra called him back to thank him for the songs.’
    • ‘If everything goes to plan they will be heading stateside in July to play a number of gigs in quick succession around New York and Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘The Delta agent called United in London and was told to sell us new tickets, and that we could apply for a refund for the new ones stateside.’
    • ‘Pierce literally wrote the book on stateside terrorism.’
    • ‘Members were given a short period of leave stateside before reporting to Fort Pierce on May 1.’
    • ‘So, the soldiers sprang into action and enlisted stateside help from doctors, politicians and churches.’
    • ‘The kinds of pension gap shortfalls that we are now witnessing in the UK are now being seen stateside.’