Definition of state's evidence in US English:

state's evidence


US Law
  • Evidence for the prosecution given by a participant in or accomplice to the crime being tried.

    • ‘Although Denny's assailants appeared to have free rein in the unpoliced intersection, several suspects were later identified through news footage turned state's evidence.’
    • ‘Some read it as a cautionary tale for anyone contemplating turning state's evidence in antitrust trials.’
    • ‘Two of his codefendants confessed to their parts in the robbery, and one codefendant turned state's evidence in return for a reduced sentence.’
    • ‘In addition to its formal analysis, the book explains the historical origins of the mafia, and is filled with anecdotes drawn from interviews and court testimony of Mafiosi turned state's evidence.’
    • ‘At the same time, the police and prosecuting authorities are being given the option of deploying undercover officers as agents provocateurs, and then using them to provide state's evidence.’


state's evidence

/ˌstāts ˈevədəns/