Definition of state's attorney in English:

state's attorney


  • A lawyer representing a state in court.

    • ‘The meat inspectors' union, in its petition last spring to Washington state's attorney general, contended that federal agents are ‘often prevented from carrying out’ the mandate against animal cruelty.’
    • ‘As you probably know from being a state's attorney, when you're in the corrections department, court has nothing more to do with it.’
    • ‘If you don't get a satisfactory response, take it to a higher authority; write your state's attorney general and spread the word about your dissatisfaction so other consumers are informed.’
    • ‘We're joined now by the Montgomery County's chief prosecutor, the state's attorney, Doug Gansler.’
    • ‘No wonder the state's attorney went after him for manslaughter.’
    • ‘Richard Blumenthal, the state's attorney general, is even appealing to undo the Eastern Pequots' recognition.’
    • ‘Steve Ferguson, the state's attorney in Coles County, said he would seek the death penalty in a murder trial scheduled to begin January 27.’
    • ‘In fact, in arguing before the Montana Supreme Court, the the state's attorney general tried to make it an argument for retaining the sodomy law that no one had been arrested under it for decades.’
    • ‘When Briggs u Elliott convened, the state's attorneys expressed a willingness to equalize resources.’
    • ‘Over the objections of the state's attorney general, last year the legislature lessened penalties for nonviolent felonies, including meth possession.’
    • ‘Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney joined the state's attorney general in immediately opposing the court's decision and stating his support for civil unions rather than full marriage.’
    • ‘One complaint was redirected to another state's attorney general's office.’
    • ‘After his discharge, he served as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and later was an assistant state's attorney for Cook County.’
    • ‘The state's attorney general has assured Floridians that he's going to crack down on such.’
    • ‘Janet Reno had no political record, other than being a state's attorney in Dade County many years.’
    • ‘The state's attorney general has the authority to regulate firearms like any other consumer product, bypassing the state's legislature.’
    • ‘As that state's attorney general, he opposed school desegregation.’
    • ‘Smith encouraged the state's attorneys to file their briefs in the appeals court quickly so the appeal can be settled.’
    • ‘A former Prince George's County, Maryland, assistant state's attorney and a native of that county, Smathers specializes in civil litigation.’
    • ‘His father had been the state's attorney general.’