Definition of starter marriage in US English:

starter marriage


  • A short-lived first marriage between young adults, viewed as a form of preparation for a subsequent, more lasting one with different partners.

    • ‘Half of all marriages will ultimately end in divorce, and a fifth of all marriages will end in five years, giving rise to the current popular term, starter marriage.’
    • ‘Sure, your mom cut out an article from The Times 'Style' section on "starter marriages" (never mind that the article was printed before your wedding hit the skids—has mom been saving it all this time?)’
    • ‘Her young marriage was actually a "starter marriage" and Jordan, her ex, was interested in trading up.’
    • ‘Like a free sample at the supermarket or a set of bicycle training wheels, a "starter marriage" is a sort of trial experience.’
    • ‘In her first book, Paul studies the phenomenon of "starter marriages" (unions that last five years or less and end without children).’
    • ‘What exactly does married sexuality mean in a society of individual longevity, divorce, and "starter marriages"?’
    • ‘The furore over her recent "starter marriage" was a crass example of being famous for nothing—other than her parentage.’
    • ‘Witness the rising concept of starter marriage, a short-lived union to be quickly outgrown.’
    • ‘She had a starter marriage with the handsome actor/director, then, a year after they split, shacked up with Jackson.’
    • ‘A starter marriage isn't a whim or a fantasy.’
    • ‘Some heterosexual couples who are unsure of whether marriage is the right step for them are reportedly using PACS as a starter marriage.’
    • ‘There are far worse things than having a failed starter marriage.’
    • ‘I stumbled on a great new phrase to describe the fate of more than a few young married couples in these troubled times—"starter marriages."’