Definition of start over in US English:

start over

phrasal verb

  • Make a new beginning.

    ‘could you face going back to school and starting over?’
    • ‘This produced such an uproar that the initial selection process had to be scrapped and started over from the beginning.’
    • ‘This is a grand step forward for us, it's almost like we are starting over.’
    • ‘Imagine reading 20 pages of a book and then starting over at the beginning.’
    • ‘We understand that desire, but, well, he knows and we know, starting over isn't an option, we've got to see it to the end.’
    • ‘Their house obliterated by fire, the Inglehart family of Glenwood Springs now struggles with the stresses of loss and starting over.’
    • ‘I'm not sure that you will get much support for replacing our system and starting over, but it could definitely use some adjustments.’
    • ‘Reinstalling the operating system is a fate worse than a root canal… it basically means wiping the hard drive clean and starting over.’
    • ‘A failed referendum means the arduous process starts over.’
    • ‘After two and half years, and just before the big trial, they were pulling the lead attorney from the case and starting over with someone new.’
    • ‘Other Katrina evacuees have travelled hundreds of miles in search of a new life, But Hardy Jackson is starting over right here in Atlanta.’