Definition of Stars and Bars in US English:

Stars and Bars

plural noun

  • treated as singular The flag of the Confederate States of America. It had a horizontal white stripe between two red stripes, and in the upper left corner was a blue field with a circle of seven white stars, one for each of the original seven seceded states.

    • ‘Without the context of the actual Stars and Bars alongside for illustration, these stripes are merely generic.’
    • ‘Last year, they regained the governorship of my home state of Mississippi, in part by waving the Confederate Stars and Bars, which our Democratic governor had sought to remove from the state flag.’
    • ‘Many of Saxton's early performances took place under the Stars and Bars at Confederate military tattoos.’
    • ‘He was the city's oldest resident when he died in 1938 at ninety-six, and they draped his casket with the Stars and Bars.’
    • ‘He didn't even object when Mother hung a Stars and Bars banner from every upstairs window, to greet our guests upon arrival.’


Stars and Bars

/ˈˌstärz ən ˈbärz/