Definition of starry in US English:



  • 1Full of or lit by stars.

    ‘a starry sky’
    • ‘The nights come with late night discussions under the starry sky cooled by strong, cool, humid gusts of wind.’
    • ‘He glanced up at the full moon hanging in the clear, starry sky.’
    • ‘This time, instead of a colorful sunset, it's a starry night sky.’
    • ‘Then you wait for a few moments, silently marvelling at the beautiful starry night and the almost magical stillness.’
    • ‘I see myself now under a big wide starry sky - the same stars I used to gaze at as a child by dad's side.’
    • ‘Countryside campaigners have launched a campaign to save North and East Yorkshire's starry night sky.’
    • ‘When they helicopter began to descend to the earth, the clouds from the sky had somewhat blown away, to give way to a clear starry night sky.’
    • ‘It reminded me visually and spatially of how it feels to be very little and gaze up at the sky on a clear and starry night.’
    • ‘I go outside in the cold to get to the breaker box and find I'm standing in the alley beneath a perfectly clear and starry sky.’
    • ‘We passed through channels edged by emerald mountains and snowcapped volcanoes; the starry night skies were unsurpassable.’
    • ‘She gazed up at the starry night sky and thought about her future.’
    • ‘The North-east monsoon showers have heralded the coming of the season of chilly nights, starry skies and misty mornings in the city.’
    • ‘Maybe because (for some reason I'm not sure of) it reminds me of being outside on a cool October night, under a starry sky.’
    • ‘Hung on the wall in a grid, the paintings resemble a starry night sky - the gorgeous and serendipitous result of a very mechanical process.’
    • ‘Week after week there were clear skies by day and starry skies at night.’
    • ‘Alex gazed out the window into the starry night sky.’
    • ‘Sarah stared out the window watching the sky fade from a multitude of color to a black starry night.’
    • ‘The Christmas tree is decorated with coloured lights because they remind us of the stars flickering through the branches on a cold starry winter night.’
    • ‘I sealed the letter and stared out the window at the starry night sky, imagining that Alex was staring at the same sky in Krakow.’
    • ‘In this poem, Longley acknowledges that in spite of his long experience as a professional poet, he finds it difficult to describe, to put into words, the starry night sky that he observes.’
    1. 1.1 Resembling a star in brightness or shape.
      ‘tiny white starry flowers’
      • ‘Its leaves are a deep glossy-green and it bears fragrant, starry, white flowers that are frequented by butterflies.’
      • ‘He looked to Juan, eyes bright and starry.’
      • ‘Allium aflatunense (native to Iran) has dense spherical umbels of starry lilac-purple flowers (the puffball effect) on stems two to three feet tall.’
      • ‘He was running across a field that bore only the most luminous, starry flowers in existence.’
      • ‘Bluebeard comes on strong in spring with silvery, almost-white toothed foliage, followed by the clearest blue, starry flowers in late summer.’
      • ‘After an initial flash of light, of a painful but very starry brightness everywhere, the world went suddenly dark, and life seemed to be draining from my limbs, along with my consciousness.’
      • ‘The starry pink and white flowers of Daphne x burkwoodii in spring are so small it's hard to believe they can release such a huge scent.’
      • ‘Guttering sweet oil lamps hooded with brass-stamped patterns make glowing starry shapes on the walls and ceiling.’
      • ‘This will brighten you up and let your starry eyes shine!’
      • ‘Indeed, aster, the Latin word for star, aptly describes the starry flower heads.’
      • ‘A starry cascade of bright lights flew out, accompanied by a score of rockets.’
      • ‘This heavy bloomer gets its name from the way each flower bud swells before its starry petals unfold.’
      • ‘Their flower clusters differ from lacecaps in that some varieties produce sterile flowers with petallike sepals, while others bear smaller fertile flowers with starry petals.’