Definition of starkers in English:



  • 1Completely naked.

    ‘they ran starkers across the stage!’
    • ‘The cyclists were totally starkers and we all roared with laughter and surprise as they casually rode past.’
    • ‘I'm always amazed with the ease and indifference that patrons shed their stinky workout gear and parade around starkers.’
    • ‘He was completely starkers and had no bottoms on at all.’
    • ‘According to Lewis Carroll, who loved this painting, there are more than 165 fairies, and by my reckoning half of them are starkers.’
    • ‘It's like a ghastly incarnation of your worst nightmare: the waking equivalent of that God-awful dream where you find yourself wandering, completely starkers, through a crowded airport.’
    • ‘Like when he'd been in the juniors and a boy at the Big School tried unsuccessfully one Sunday night to replace a light-bulb while standing, starkers, in a bath-full of soapy water.’
    • ‘I haven't been able to find out whether Stark will go starkers.’
    • ‘There followed some schoolboy pranks up and down the corridors and, to cut a long story short, I ended up being locked out starkers.’
    • ‘Last sighting was two days ago, of one who was dripping wet, sans towel and completely starkers, and talking very intensely on his mobile about ordering some ceramic tiles.’
    • ‘Today is Red Nose Day and in order to get behind the bid to raise as much money as possible, all Radio 1 DJ's have been presenting their shows, either in their underwear, or completely starkers.’
    • ‘So, as pathetic as it may seem, I'm really in no hurry to join the rush to go starkers with strangers.’
    • ‘Here's a useful pointer for anyone thinking of whipping their clothes off this afternoon and running starkers through the office: a thong could be the only thing between you and the sack.’
    • ‘Oh, I failed to mention one thing - through the whole ordeal I was starkers.’
    • ‘Imagine paying a little money for a clean towel and a piece of soap, entering the men's or women's half of the establishment and stripping absolutely starkers for a scrub down, sauna and soak with the neighbours.’
    • ‘It's polite to pretend you are completely unaware that everyone else is starkers.’
    • ‘As you will be aware referees are clamping down on players removing their shirt during goal celebrations so Paolo really can't complain after he removed every item of clothing and sprinted around the pitch completely starkers.’
    • ‘Not actually starkers then; merely inappropriately clothed for his rank and status.’
    • ‘Probably something to do with their reputation as bad boys with a penchant for walking around completely starkers, save for some socks to cover their modesty.’
    • ‘Women who might one day be found taking tea at Jenners and the next posing starkers with a strategically-positioned bowl of fruit.’
    • ‘On the home front, this new-found comfort has had the knock-on effect of finding me regularly scampering around the flat starkers.’
  • 2Mad; crazy.

    ‘his lifestyle would drive me starkers’
    • ‘During her freshman year Angel had nearly gone starkers because she had barely seen her friends at all and so had severely cut back on her extra-curricular activities, even dance.’
    • ‘I have had their students as my students over the years and they drove me starkers.’
    • ‘I like Jane Austen, but some of the other Austen aficionados of my acquaintance drive me right starkers.’