Definition of stare someone in the face in US English:

stare someone in the face


  • Be glaringly apparent or obvious.

    ‘the answer had been staring him in the face’
    • ‘The solution to all youth problems has been staring us in the face for years.’
    • ‘I know that the answer is staring me in the face, I just can't see it.’
    • ‘I spent the whole time looking for something that was staring me in the face.’
    • ‘The search for the missing link is doomed to failure because we would have no way of recognizing it even if it were staring us in the face.’
    • ‘Namely, if what you are suggesting could be achieved (publishers, roll up your sleeves), then the solution all along was staring us in the face: just sell more copies!’
    • ‘The answer to the perennial problem of how to lose weight is staring you in the face: if a recent report from the World Cancer Research Fund is anything to go by, we are simply eating too much.’
    • ‘It refers to the capacity we have for not naming uncomfortable truths, even though they're staring us in the face.’
    • ‘The answer is staring us in the face and organisations need to get on and do something about it.’
    • ‘But sometimes you don't need to ask questions because the answer is staring you in the face.’
    • ‘I desperately didn't want to believe there had been a campaign, and denied it to myself even when the evidence was staring me in the face.’
    be obvious, be clear, be plain, be plain to see, be crystal clear, be evident, be apparent, be manifest, be patent, be conspicuous, be prominent, be transparent, be clear-cut, be palpable, be unmistakable, be indisputable, be self-evident, be undeniable, be as plain as a pikestaff, be writ large, be written all over one, be as clear as day, be blinding, be inescapable
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