Definition of star system in US English:

star system


  • 1A large number of stars with a perceptible structure; a galaxy.

    • ‘The Jupiter 2 is speeding through the uncharted reaches of deepest space in search of a familiar star system.’
    • ‘The star system they had spent the last seventeen hours crossing was, according to Ayame and the other astronomers, a binary star system known to the human race by the names Beta Cygni and Albireo.’
    • ‘Second, it is the only planet currently known to orbit a binary star system.’
    • ‘In the star system, there are six planets, five that are inhabitable, as well as moons.’
    • ‘He only knew that thirty ships had come through a wormhole that connected Granger's solar system to an uninhabited star system.’
    • ‘Our star system is chock full of asteroids and comets, in every conceivable orbit and location.’
    • ‘Using our current spacecrafts it would take over 73,000 years to get to the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri.’
    • ‘Space is so vast the most likely result is a jump out to deep space somewhere many parsecs from the nearest star system.’
    • ‘So getting a note from one star system to the next would take more generations than the average human mind can contemplate.’
    • ‘In fact, if you look at it through a small telescope you'll see that it's actually a double star system.’
    • ‘The hologram faded and was replaced by the image of the Alpha Centauri binary star system.’
    • ‘The discovery offers astronomers a rare glimpse at a distant star system that resembles our home, and may represent a significant step toward learning if and where other Earths form.’
    • ‘A joint European / University of Hawaii team of astronomers has for the first time observed a stellar ‘survivor’ to emerge from a double star system involving an exploded supernova.’
    • ‘Some people believe that our secret Earth governments have been working hand-in-hand with the Roswell aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system.’
    • ‘At half the speed of light, travel time to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system, would take nine years.’
    • ‘In a matter of hours or days it is possible to travel from one star system to another by creating a warp field that allows a spacecraft to slip into subspace.’
    • ‘So it was still officially known as P478-3, the third planet in the SSC478 star system.’
    • ‘The cinematic opening of the game was complex and dramatic, introducing the characters and story in a big orchestral sequence as a star goes supernova, devastating a star system and killing the ship's captain.’
    • ‘The home world has detected primitive, coded electromagnetic radiation from a star system some thirty light years distant.’
    • ‘Near the geographic center of the galaxy was a binary star system called Theralia.’
  • 2The practice of promoting or otherwise favoring individuals who have become famous and popular, in particular in the motion-picture industry.

    • ‘‘Journalism rests on the star system, and there are good reasons for that,’ said Goldstein.’
    • ‘In a company that avoids the star system, she has become something of an unofficial prima ballerina: not only a superb and effortless technician, but an actress of exceptional subtlety and range.’
    • ‘Even when false, those comments feed the larger perception of a star system, which has become embedded in fans, coaches, media members and players alike.’
    • ‘We're led to believe that there's a Wimbledon star system that rivals the Hollywood star system.’
    • ‘Stable long-term residences at the Rose and the Globe after 1594 allowed a star system to develop with Edward Alleyn for the Admiral's and Richard Burbage for the Chamberlain's Men being the most highly praised actors of their time.’
    • ‘She was also a famous actress in Bollywood's star system, appearing in over 200 films, including Gol Maal, Khubsoorat and A Passage to India, among many others.’
    • ‘There are all sorts of intelligent business and aesthetic arguments against the star system, but they ultimately crumble before one overriding reality: movies are about stars.’
    • ‘As he and his brother built the company, they ‘held aloof from Hollywood - its glamour and hedonism, its star system and cutthroat deal-making,’ Stewart writes.’
    • ‘‘And that's the real problem with the way the media cover African American studies - it creates this illusion that the whole thing is driven by a star system,’ she says.’
    • ‘Like recent movies The Kid Stays in the Picture and Mulholland Drive, Sunset Boulevard explores the Hollywood star system.’
    • ‘He is the main promoter of the star system which evaluates architects entirely by showbiz, shock or just their tendency to be as bloody minded and absurd as possible.’
    • ‘Actually the old Hollywood directors were far more educated even though I didn't like their films either because they were films that were constantly being diminished by the compromises of the star system, by the economics of it.’
    • ‘That staff meeting was extraordinary on Wednesday, because of all the resentment that seemed to bubble up about Howell Raines and his management style on his star system.’
    • ‘She was a Maria Callas but the star system wasn't quite as big as it is in our world.’
    • ‘‘I'm not sure we want to stick a dagger in the heart of the star system,’ she said, ‘or we'd pretty well take the air out of journalism.’’
    • ‘The link between Americanization and cultural dependence began with the Hollywood movie industry cartel in the 1920s and the star system on which it was based.’
    • ‘Insofar as the business of film acting, and especially the star system, relies on recognizability, marketability, and the necessity for known commodities, typecasting will be part of the institution.’
    • ‘I can't imagine a better film to show up the false critique of the star system in America's Sweethearts.’
    • ‘There you have it: tit and tat, the binary star system of modern political reporting.’
    • ‘Our collective obsession with rock stars and the cult of the individual star system is reinforced by the book.’


star system

/stär ˈsistim/