Definition of Star of David in US English:

Star of David


  • A six-pointed figure consisting of two interlaced equilateral triangles, used as a Jewish and Israeli symbol.

    Also called Magen David
    • ‘The interiors are elaborately carved and contain paintings and wall hangings; the Jewish Star of David and the Hindu reversed swastika suggest external influences.’
    • ‘There were several prominent Stars of David in the basilica.’
    • ‘The authorities, saying that they did not want any trouble, forbade any Jewish symbols, including Stars of David and Israeli flags.’
    • ‘He was kidnapped, tortured and killed because of a khaki uniform, a blue and white flag, a Star of David.’
    • ‘I was given a Star of David necklace by a friend and have been wearing it as a sign of support for Israel for several weeks.’
    • ‘Though it was emphasized that the cross had no religious significance, the Turkish government later adopted a red crescent, the Iranians used a red lion and sun, and the Israelis a red Star of David.’
    • ‘TV programs that show Christian clergymen, crosses or Stars of David are censored.’
    • ‘Soldiers were told to hide crosses and Stars of David, refrain from overt displays of religion, and they were prohibited from drinking alcohol.’
    • ‘It was a chance to return to Germany, to Munich itself, and to march in the opening ceremonies under the Israeli flag bearing the Star of David.’
    • ‘The red cross itself is the Swiss flag reversed, and although it is emphasized that the sign has no religious significance, in Islamic countries it is represented by a red crescent and in Israel by a red Star of David.’


Star of David

/stɑr əv/