Definition of standing wave in US English:

standing wave


  • A vibration of a system in which some particular points remain fixed while others between them vibrate with the maximum amplitude.

    Compare with traveling wave
    • ‘For Schrödinger, the characteristic discreteness of quantum states arose from underlying continuity, like the normal modes of standing waves.’
    • ‘Thus, the vertebral muscles are almost certainly involved in forming traveling waves during swimming, and standing waves during both lateral undulation and vermiform locomotion.’
    • ‘Free oscillations of a sphere are three-dimensional standing waves and require three overtone numbers.’
    • ‘Supposedly, a standing wave could be set up between the mirrors, which a disturbance would alter.’
    • ‘A dipole force of the standing wave generated by the laser focused the atom beam.’
    • ‘Vibrating a fluid-filled pan with a specially prepared bottom creates quasiperiodic standing waves on the surface.’
    • ‘As the mixture burns, the length of tube above it increases and the wavelength of the standing wave increases.’
    • ‘In effect, they trade the translational kinetic energy of a traveling wave for more displacement energy in a standing wave.’
    • ‘Because the electron is confined to move along the circumference of the nanotube, standing waves arise that have discrete wavelengths.’
    • ‘If two counter-propagating lasers were set up to create a standing wave, the resulting electric field gradient would direct particles toward the wave's nodes.’
    • ‘Note that the reflecting walls and the constant frequency of the microwaves set up standing waves in the chamber.’
    • ‘According to Schrodinger, electrons confined in their orbits would set up standing waves and you could describe only the probability of where an electron could be.’
    • ‘Instead, switches consisting of vials of water in which standing waves were excited ultrasonically were placed in the paths of the photons 1 and 2.’
    • ‘There will just be a standing wave created between one place and another, as all points on the wave would have zero net displacement.’
    • ‘Researchers currently focus atoms using a laser-generated standing wave near the surface.’
    • ‘The position of the standing wave in the z-direction is controlled by a piezodriven translation stage which is controlled to better than 10-nm precision.’
    • ‘If the distance from the antenna to the earpiece is a whole number of wavelengths, a standing wave is set up in the cable.’
    • ‘Strangely enough the way in which these chambers have been built means that sounds produced by the human voice can create low frequency standing waves.’
    • ‘By reflecting laser light back on itself, researchers create unmoving standing waves that, if created in a three-dimensional grid, can trap atoms.’
    • ‘Simply put, if you play one frequency into your left ear and another different frequency into your right ear, then your brain makes up the difference and sets up a standing wave of that frequency.’


standing wave

/ˈstandiNG wāv/