Definition of standard issue in US English:

standard issue


  • The equipment that is generally supplied to individuals in a particular group, especially by the military to members of the armed forces.

    ‘the standard issue of the United States Army at the outbreak of the Civil War was the model 1855 Springfield rifle musket’
    ‘police made video cameras part of standard issue for all uniformed officers on the island’
    • ‘With the socket bayonet, the soldier was thus equipped with both musket and short pike and this type of bayonet remained the standard issue for the majority of armies until the 19th century.’
    • ‘We also made laptops, as opposed to desktop computers, the standard issue for most of our employees.’
    • ‘A more pragmatic group of leaders will accept what you give them, inquire about technology that interests them, ask you to test it, and suggest making useful technology part of standard issue.’
    • ‘The machine gun would become standard issue of the British Army during World War I.’
    • ‘A decade ago strip printers were standard issue for air traffic controllers.’
    • ‘The necropsy from Cornell's Animal Health Diagnostic Center says that the shot that killed Diablo likely came from a 9mm handgun, which is not the standard issue for the Sheriff's Office.’
    • ‘Does anyone know if the watches formed part of standard issue for a new recruit?’
    • ‘His .38-calibre gun, standard issue for G4S officers, was still in his holster.’


  • 1Provided as part of the basic equipment supplied to individuals in a group, especially by the military to members of the armed forces.

    ‘standard-issue khaki uniforms’
    ‘the standard-issue service rifle of the US military’
    • ‘At times, Blum's location on the bridge required him to wear a full harness as well as standard-issue hard hat, boots and glasses.’
    • ‘In January last year the Army announced that after extensive tests it was replacing the ageing standard-issue Cold War-era Browning pistol - introduced nearly 50 years ago - with the Glock 17 Gen 4 handgun.’
    • ‘The potentially lethal device is as powerful as a standard-issue police Taser.’
    • ‘Police are wasting millions on kit because they can't agree on standard issue handcuffs, boots or hi-vis’
    • ‘Why didn't they wait for backup to put the suspect in a standard issue patrol car?’
    • ‘It wasn't difficult to spot the team from the British consulate - they were all wearing standard issue hard hats and hi-viz jackets.’
    • ‘Both were armed with standard issue Browning 9mm pistols for self-protection.’
    • ‘Two 'petite' female firearms officers are in line for a £70,000 compensation payout because their hands are too small to hold standard issue weapons and the regulation body armour is too big for them.’
    • ‘MLB has no rules preventing pitchers from wearing padding in a standard-issue cap.’
    • ‘The glasses are inspired by the Marine Corps standard-issue aviator sunglasses worn by pilots and many of their partners.’
    1. 1.1 Ordinary or usual; unexceptional.
      ‘the egg rolls were pretty standard-issue’
      ‘a standard-issue thrilller’
      • ‘Of course, there's a standard-issue femme fatale, in a red dress slit up the thigh.’
      • ‘The film that grew out of that backstage footage is far from a standard-issue rock documentary.’
      • ‘Frost (also known as pearlescent) nail polishes are your standard-issue icy-toned shades.’
      • ‘This approach demands more of readers than a standard-issue medical thriller would.’
      • ‘The romantic stuff is standard issue, but Costner and Garner seem to share a nice chemistry and we root for them to figure things out.’
      • ‘He's sitting in the middle of a standard-issue conference room in a Toronto hotel.’
      • ‘It's a standard-issue indie rom-com where the setting is more interesting than the characters or their love story.’
      • ‘The film received the Cannes standard-issue standing ovation.’
      • ‘The rain has ceased, and it's now just your standard issue cool October night.’
      • ‘He got the feeling nothing about this place was standard issue.’
      • ‘The title bears no relation to the show, which is standard-issue "twentysomethings hang out in a bar and trade insults."’