Definition of standard gauge in US English:

standard gauge


  • A railroad gauge of 56.5 inches (1.435 m), standard in the US, Britain, and many other parts of the world.

    • ‘But the existence of an international standard gauge is a social one, reflecting, among other things, a judgement that the risk of railways being used to assist military invasions is low.’
    • ‘In the end flood damage to rails, culverts and bridges and consequently unreliable timetables resulted in the construction of a new standard gauge line in 1956.’
    • ‘Brunel is noted for introducing the broad gauge in place of the standard gauge on this line.’
    • ‘What economic advantages was it hoped the standard gauge would bring?’
    • ‘He firmly believed the international standard gauge was indispensable to radical improvement of Japanese railways.’


standard gauge

/ˈstandərd ɡāj/