Definition of stand up for in English:

stand up for

phrasal verb

  • 1Speak or act in support of.

    ‘she learned to stand up for herself’
    • ‘If we never stand up for ourselves then we'll never get anywhere in this world.’
    • ‘We've seen other workers stand up for themselves and win improvements.’
    • ‘She is the type to stand up for herself and if she doesn't like something, she will voice her opinion.’
    • ‘He said she could stand up for herself and would have reacted if somebody had tried to physically attack her.’
    • ‘It's possible to stand up for yourself without being blunt or hurtful to others.’
    • ‘If they personally feel that a decision is unjust and unfair, they must stand up for themselves.’
    • ‘Parents need to control their kids and kids need to stand up for themselves.’
    • ‘Life was often difficult, but she had to stand up for herself.’
    • ‘The larger man began pushing the smaller man, who seemed hesitant to stand up for himself.’
    • ‘He was bullied at first, until he learned to stand up for himself.’
    advocate, champion, uphold, defend, stand up for, support, be in favour of, promote, recommend, urge, back, endorse, sponsor, espouse, push for, work for, campaign for
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    1. 1.1 Act as best man for in a wedding.
      • ‘After being asked to stand up for your brother or best friend, you may feel you need a best man guide to help you.’
      • ‘Sometimes a man's best friend is a woman, and he wants this woman to stand up for him at his wedding.’
      • ‘I must confess it was with real surprise that they asked me stand up for them like this.’