Definition of stand sentry in US English:

stand sentry


  • Keep guard or control access to a place.

    • ‘They had been standing sentry in front of a stone door with a rope hanging down from the roof, obviously an alarm of some sort.’
    • ‘The number of security guards patrolling its eastern borders exceeds those standing sentry on the closely watched border between the US and Mexico.’
    • ‘We stand sentry there in blazing clear daylight.’
    • ‘There is something both noble and heartbreaking about those embattled young soldiers standing sentry in what for them must be an incomprehensible place.’
    • ‘They practised raising and lowering the flag, standing sentry and slow-marching into position and away again.’
    • ‘At the front door they were met by a young looking officer, who like the poor man down the front dealing with the crowd, looked unhappy to be standing sentry by a front door instead of doing something more interesting inside.’
    • ‘Because of security woes, classes began two weeks late this year, with armed guards standing sentry at school gates.’
    • ‘Relaxed Chinese guards armed with automatic rifles were standing sentry at the 217-meter-long bridge.’
    • ‘The door closed in her face and I heard her feet shuffling as she moved to stand sentry by the door.’
    • ‘We stand sentry, leaning against signs on the train station.’