Definition of stand one's ground in US English:

stand one's ground


  • 1Not retreat or lose one's advantage in the face of opposition.

    ‘you will be able to hold your ground and resist the enemy's attack’
    • ‘Maybe if I had bitten my lip at 18 and not stood my ground, things could have worked out differently.’
    • ‘He held his ground and removed his glasses to wipe off the dirt, pondering his next move.’
    • ‘But they did manage to hold their ground on the key issue of keeping those jobs at home.’
    • ‘Shoulder to shoulder with any striker, he wants to make sure he will be able to hold his ground.’
    • ‘However, he held his ground and concluded his defense with the immortal words ‘Here I stand.’’
    • ‘With dogs, I have always stood my ground and was trying to do the equivalent with the goose.’
    • ‘I had to at least hold my ground, or lose all semblance of competency.’
    • ‘Everybody else has retreated but we have to hold our ground.’
    • ‘We held our ground for close to an hour, but eventually their sheer numbers caused us to retreat.’
    • ‘The fact that I stood my ground and looked him straight in the eyes reflected his fear back to him.’
    stand firm, be firm, make a stand, be resolute, insist, be determined, show determination, hold on, hold out, be emphatic, not take no for an answer, brook no refusal
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  • 2stand your groundUS Law
    Denoting a law or legal principle that permits a person to use deadly force in self-defense without first trying to retreat.

    • ‘He was grateful the president also advocated taking a closer look at the message sent by "stand your ground laws."’
    • ‘The trial led to nationwide debate about "stand your ground" laws enacted in several states.’
    • ‘This panel discussion on Stand Your Ground examines whether this law is a justifiable explanation for self-defense or a license to kill innocent people.’
    • ‘Representatives are receiving calls, letters, visits and emails from constituents with diverse opinions on "Stand Your Ground.’
    • ‘Some twenty-seven states have Stand Your Ground laws involving justifiable homicide when attacked.’
    • ‘He is in fact claiming self defense under the Stand Your Ground law.’