Definition of stand for in US English:

stand for

phrasal verb

  • 1Be an abbreviation of or symbol for.

    ‘NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration’
    • ‘Find out what those pesky acronyms and abbreviations stand for.’
    • ‘We then developed these pictures into symbols that would stand for the sounds we made when we spoke to others.’
    • ‘Green denoted hope for renewal, red stood for the ancestors' courage, and yellow symbolized the country's treasures.’
    • ‘He also showed me which arabic symbol stood for Allah, and which stood for Mohammad.’
    • ‘Symbols stand for something, yet this one doesn't seem to represent anything at all.’
    • ‘Within Christian symbolism, bread stood for the body of Christ.’
    • ‘CI stands for Cycle Indicator and NCI stands for Neutral Cycle Indicator.’
    • ‘The glyph for Neptune is the symbol of a trident, which stands for rulership over the sea.’
    • ‘However the abbreviation in this case stands for Cross Program Recovery.’
    • ‘This abbreviation stands for DVD rewritable disc and means that it can be recorded and erased just the same as a VHS video.’
    mean, be an abbreviation of, represent, signify, denote, indicate, correspond to, be equivalent to, symbolize
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  • 2informal with negative Refuse to endure or tolerate.

    ‘I won't stand for any nonsense’
    • ‘Would the world stand for a country that approved of athletes who refused to compete against people because of their religion?’
    • ‘This patient won't stand for any nonsense - but she does require instant gratification’
    • ‘It's getting to the point where hunt supporters won't stand for it.’
    • ‘The referee refused to stand for any nonsense and brandished a succession of cards.’
    • ‘He would not stand for any nonsense.’
    • ‘He did not stand for nonsense from anyone.’
    put up with, endure, tolerate, allow, accept, take, abide, suffer, support, brook, countenance
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  • 3Support (a cause or principle)

    ‘we stand for animal welfare’
    • ‘We are the people who truly care and who truly promote and stand for Women's Rights.’
    • ‘Surely he isn't arguing that you have to agree with everything a politician stands for in order to support that politician.’
    • ‘If parties need cash, let them go out and convince people that they stand for something worth supporting.’
    • ‘In spite of their peaceable professions, the French revolutionaries had always believed that they stood for principles of universal validity.’
    • ‘Ours is the only party that stands for the fundamental principle that all workers must be able to live and work in whichever country they choose.’
    • ‘On that day the principles I stood for and believed in were set aside on the altar of political expediency.’
    • ‘The members of the Green Party will say that they stand for green principles.’
    • ‘If that doesn't give you a clear indication of what they stand for then I don't know what will.’
    • ‘And while I agree with everything else the Green Party stands for, I can't abide by that point.’
    • ‘This is not to suggest that we support everything he stands for.’
    advocate, champion, uphold, defend, stand up for, support, be in favour of, promote, recommend, urge, back, endorse, sponsor, espouse, push for, work for, campaign for
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