Definition of stand back in US English:

stand back

phrasal verb

  • Withdraw from a situation emotionally in order to view it more objectively.

    • ‘I can't stand back from it and have some objectivity about the whole thing.’
    • ‘Do I have the capacity to stand back from the deep emotions and not get mired or lost in destructive thoughts and feelings?’
    • ‘Only by standing back and viewing the evidence as a whole can one properly reach a conclusion.’
    • ‘When he writes the show he can stand back from the women he knows and view them subjectively.’
    • ‘Strategic assessment involves standing back from the everyday activities of the business.’
    • ‘It is time to stand back from a situation that has gained acceptability through long familiarity and reappraise it objectively.’
    • ‘You may have to stand back a little and take another look at this situation.’
    • ‘No one is standing back to take a long-term view.’
    • ‘He's also able to stand back and be objective and will always challenge me if he thinks something is not quite right.’
    • ‘The courts deals with the risk of bias in such cases by a strong warning to the jury as to just how important it is to stand back, be objective, and look at the evidence.’