Definition of stand aside in US English:

stand aside

phrasal verb

  • 1Take no action to prevent, or not involve oneself in, something that is happening.

    ‘the army had stood aside as the monarchy fell’
    • ‘Again, this is good union practice, and historically unions have never stood aside from engaging in ‘political’ struggles.’
    • ‘They urged the army to stand aside and offer no resistance.’
    • ‘The 30 uniformed and plain clothes police officers stood aside with a ‘non-interference’ attitude.’
    • ‘Were they, self-declared army of the Republic, to stand aside while the crown defied and repressed the government?’
    • ‘She said they have been told, in the event of serious trouble, to stand aside and not attempt to prevent a breakout.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister yesterday warned of the dangers of standing aside from closer European integration.’
    • ‘Many religious leaders stood aside and ignored what was happening, though there were notable, courageous exceptions in both the Protestant and Catholic clergy.’
    • ‘Our best way of making a difference here is not by standing aside and refusing to sully our hands, but by trying to set a pattern of linking trade to human rights improvements.’
    • ‘If somebody is going to start causing trouble am I going to stand aside and watch it happen?’
    • ‘She was prepared to stand aside from the conflict that has now involved practically the whole of Europe.’
    1. 1.1 Withdraw or resign from a position or office.
      ‘the acting prime minister refused to stand aside to permit Sir Julius to resume his post’
      • ‘He stood aside because ‘no one more than me wants the Conservatives to win the general election’.’
      • ‘Today he stood aside from the leadership, although he'll remain in the Parliament.’
      • ‘A judge at the centre of an operation against child pornography stood aside last night.’
      • ‘But on Wednesday he stood aside for the sake of the party and the ‘first class’ candidate who replaced him.’
      • ‘However, he says he has no intention of standing aside as Labour's candidate for Caerphilly at May's Welsh assembly election.’
      • ‘He stood aside from an executive position a couple of years ago, but still remains a large shareholder.’
      • ‘Seven years later, he was leader of a tiny party, his dominant position secured by the fact that he was the only one of nine Liberal MPs who had won his seat without the help of Tories standing aside.’
      • ‘He should have stood aside pending the findings of the enquiry.’
      • ‘He is one of five long-term Liberal politicians who announced this week that they are standing aside to make way for new blood.’
      • ‘In 1892 he was elected Labour MP for the West Ham constituency in London, abetted by the fact that the Liberal candidate had stood aside.’
      resign, retire, quit, stand down, step down, bow out, renounce the throne
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