Definition of stand a chance in US English:

stand a chance


  • usually with negative Have a prospect of success or survival.

    ‘his rivals don't stand a chance’
    • ‘The Olympic committee is backing a recent sports council initiative that agreed to focus most of its funding on sports that stood a chance of Olympic success.’
    • ‘Basically it didn't get any airplay on Radio One and if you don't get airplay, you don't stand a chance.’
    • ‘The Tory idea stands a chance of success depending on which councillors turn up for the meeting.’
    • ‘If I'd been on duty I wouldn't have stood a chance of getting there in time.’
    • ‘She had seen a TV programme about Ireland and thought that a somewhat unconventional person like herself stood a chance of being accepted there.’
    • ‘I have no doubt they thought they stood a chance of getting something else.’
    • ‘How would the fox hunters like it if they got chased for miles knowing that they wouldn't stand a chance of surviving?’
    • ‘He hated the idea, but it seemed like the only way they could go and stand a chance of surviving.’
    • ‘So they knew they needed to beat each other in order to stand a chance of survival.’
    • ‘In the wild, Simba would not have stood a chance.’