Definition of stand-in in US English:



  • A person who stands in for another, especially in a performance; a substitute.

    ‘his stand-in does all the dancing sequences’
    • ‘He was chipping cheeky penalties past a stand-in goalkeeper.’
    • ‘They were knocked out of the Cup after having a stand-in keeper for the second half following an injury.’
    • ‘Their animosity ran so deep that they worked together as little as possible while making the movie, even to the point of using stand-ins for close-up shots.’
    • ‘However, his replacement proved more than an adequate stand-in as he took the man of the match award.’
    • ‘He walked out of casualty and got to the studio a few seconds after a stand-in had started the show.’
    • ‘As stand-in captain, he handled a very difficult situation with characteristic professionalism.’
    • ‘The situation worsened when at the start of the second half the keeper refused to play and had to be replaced with a stand-in goalie.’
    • ‘He has the right physical features and abilities for the role; able to perform the film's demanding stunt and action sequences without requiring heavy use of editing or stand-ins.’
    • ‘In fact, in some scenes, the video is so good stunt doubles can be more clearly identified as stand-ins during action sequences than they could in lesser quality transfers of this film.’
    • ‘A drama teacher is hoping her pregnancy will not turn out to be a crisis for her acting group and is seeking a stand-in.’
    • ‘We were only filmed for the opening and closing shots - the action sequences of us running on a beach were stand-ins.’
    • ‘This is a neat little feature about how rubber sculptures of the animated characters were used as stand-ins while the actors did their thing.’
    • ‘Throughout the Roman Empire statues were erected in cities and colonies, and held to be stand-ins for the emperor himself; they had to be treated with respect.’
    • ‘The promotional video, which involved a film crew of 40 and a further 40 local stand-ins, was filmed on location on the slopes of Mount Eagle and at scenic Slea Head.’
    • ‘She has a stand-in for the singing.’
    • ‘He was left with a motley crew of stand-ins.’
    • ‘The stand-ins excelled themselves and the keeper had little to do during the match.’
    • ‘The photographer used his teenage sons as stand-ins and uniform and kit were bought from a military surplus warehouse for ‘less than £200’.’
    • ‘Onstage, stand-ins for the closing act are doing sound and lighting checks.’
    • ‘The actors' stand-ins walk down the sidewalk, reading their lines, while the lighting and camera and sound guys work around them.’
    substitute, replacement, reserve, representative, deputy, surrogate, lieutenant, second, second string, proxy, understudy, double, locum, supply, fill-in, cover, relief, stopgap, standby
    substitute, replacement, reserve, deputy, second-string, fill-in, stopgap, supply, surrogate, relief, acting, temporary, provisional, caretaker
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/ˈstænd ˌɪn//ˈstand ˌin/