Definition of stamping ground in English:

stamping ground


  • another term for stomping ground
    • ‘Should Manchester United reassert their status against Exeter City, Steve McLaren will take his charges back to his former Old Trafford stamping ground for a crunch 4th Round cup tie.’
    • ‘In the summer of 2000 Max Stafford-Clark and the actor-playwright Robin Soans revisited Andrea Dunbar's stamping ground in Bradford, and talked to the locals.’
    • ‘Driving the quiet country lanes was a pleasure, revealing as it did a landscape that appeared little changed perhaps even since it was Shakespeare's stamping ground.’
    • ‘For new GMB Dons skipper Wayne Broadhurst the trip means a quick return to his old West Row stamping ground.’
    • ‘Star forward Adrian Morley, making a return to his old Leeds stamping ground after a three-year absence, came off after 29 minutes with what was described as a slight ‘dead leg’.’
    • ‘Next morning, feeling this may end up being Anna's stamping ground, I wander the cobbled streets that link l' Ile de la Cité to Boulevard St Michel and then Boulevard St Germain.’
    • ‘But the Dolly Blues will feel they could have done better after dominating the opening stages of the affair at manager Phil Wilson's old Bower Fold stamping ground.’
    • ‘And where better to start than here in her old East German stamping ground, where the Saxony folk still refer to her warmly as ‘our Katarina’?’
    • ‘Matt's usual stamping ground is in some of the best known house music clubs in Britain.’
    • ‘His last year of sampling marginally overlaps Boyce's stamping ground, which begins in 1870.’
    • ‘Easterhouse is nearer McLetchie's Pentlands stamping ground than Duncan Smith's Essex constituency.’
    • ‘Actually, I think I saw Doherty in his Shepherd's Bush stamping ground a few weeks ago, looking dapper in his red tunic.’
    • ‘Working his way from the coast, Joe Wynn finally arrived in the vicinity of his antagonist's stamping ground in the hinterland of Turkey Creek across the border in Western Australia.’


stamping ground

/ˈstampiNG ˌɡround/