Definition of stamp mill in US English:

stamp mill


  • A mill for crushing ore.

    • ‘They gave Orrin the go-ahead and they had their own 40 - stamp mill up and running by the end of that summer.’
    • ‘The lode was explored from 1862 through 1864, and a stamp mill was erected on the property but was never operated.’
    • ‘The Vulture Company built a 40 - stamp mill, and the mine operated profitably from 1867 to 1872.’
    • ‘The early extraction process involved placing the rock in a stamp mill, which acted like a large hammer, breaking up the rock.’
    • ‘In early 1864 the Nos.1 and 2 shafts had intersected a rich lode about 120 feet down dip, and Buzzo stated in a report to the directors that ‘this lode will warrant the erection of a stamp mill without delay.’’
    • ‘The intact stamp mill was sold to the Petherick Mining Company, and shortly thereafter the wooden structure that housed the mill machinery burned to the ground.’
    • ‘Fire destroyed one of the Pandora stamp mills in 1919, and in 1920 the flotation mill and many lesser buildings went up in smoke.’
    • ‘One tour winds its way to a stamp mill (the Standard Consolidated Mill); the other, called the Historic Mining District Tour, ends up on a ridge near a mine shaft (now closed for safety reasons).’
    • ‘They decided to move their stamp mill from Hiko to Pioche and realized that Gracey was competent to undertake the task.’
    • ‘During lunchtime, hundreds of workers in the CBD gather at the Main Street Mall to enjoy their lunch, sitting under the indigenous trees or relaxing in Gandhi Square, where an old red mining stamp mill and locomotive are on display.’
    • ‘Ely and Raymond became partners and raised funds to build a stamp mill at Hiko Springs to process ores from their claims.’