Definition of stamp collecting in US English:

stamp collecting


  • The collection and study of postage stamps as objects of interest or value; philately.

    • ‘When he is not at the keyboard, he is probably stamp collecting, vegetable gardening, or enjoying his grandchildren.’
    • ‘For most young people stamp collecting was a low key affair.’
    • ‘When he retired he pursued his favourite hobby of stamp collecting, but also enjoyed reading, model ship building, classical music, and foreign travel.’
    • ‘The event at Scarborough, however, is a reminder that in the 1930s cigarette card trading was second only to stamp collecting in the list of world hobbies.’
    • ‘Edna, 71, from South Croydon, has always been interested in stamp collecting and now spends at least five evenings week sorting them into categories and themes.’
    • ‘His enthusiasms were building model aeroplanes and stamp collecting, when he was not protecting his garden from wind, sea, and sheep.’
    • ‘A counter was also set up so that interested children could buy new stamps and other philately material to begin their journey into stamp collecting.’
    • ‘Younger people are into more outdoor activities and stamp collecting is seen as something slightly old-fashioned.’
    • ‘This attention to detail and quality stood him in good stead both in regard to his engineering company and his stamp collecting.’
    • ‘Coins and Collectables owner and Bundaberg dealer John Felesina said stamp collecting and swapping was alive and well in the region.’
    • ‘His meticulous character suited his outside interests of coin and stamp collecting, chess, genealogy, and Scottish history.’
    • ‘Today, however, stamp collecting is hardly considered cool and is more likely to be indulged in by the affluent serious collector than the average ten-year-old.’
    • ‘Many themes are possible in stamp collecting, for example, insects, flowers, ships, persons, and events.’
    • ‘He also seemed to give up his mathematical work at that time but he had other interests to occupy his time such as stamp collecting and music.’
    • ‘His hobbies include stamp collecting and growing his own herbs and vegetables.’
    • ‘Decades later, when Worley was in his late 40s, his young daughter took what proved to be a short-lived interest in stamp collecting.’
    • ‘His leisure time pursuits included stamp collecting, operatic music, cycling, walking and athletics.’
    • ‘He was a determined man, with a good sense of humour and in his spare time enjoyed woodwork and stamp collecting.’
    • ‘When he had to be indoors, he pursued his other great hobby, stamp collecting.’
    • ‘The scope of the philatelic world renders the boast that stamp collecting is ‘probably the most popular indoor hobby that exists’ entirely believable.’
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