Definition of staminate in US English:



  • (of a plant or flower) having stamens but no pistils.

    Compare with pistillate
    • ‘Characters that define this group include staminate flowers in bisexual glomerules, fruiting bracteoles dorsally compressed, and fruiting bracteoles connate with apical lobes free.’
    • ‘A cup-shaped staminate perianth with dorsal, fleshy, crestate appendages is present only in Endolepis dioica.’
    • ‘In a hermaphroditic plant, flowers are first staminate, then pistillate, and the sexual stages do not overlap within the flower.’
    • ‘If nutritional deficiencies lead to increased pistil abortion and formation of staminate flowers, the nutritional deficit might also affect pollen production or pollen quality.’
    • ‘Males produce only staminate flowers with stamens and no vestigial pistils.’