Definition of stalwart in English:



  • 1Loyal, reliable, and hardworking.

    ‘he remained a stalwart supporter of the cause’
    • ‘As he matured, Campbell became a stalwart supporter of the marriage between agriculture and industry and systematically increased his familiarity with both.’
    • ‘He is also a stalwart Mayo supporter, who never misses a match from start of the season to the end.’
    • ‘He has already brought stalwart supporter Arthur Cox in to oversee scouting in Britain and the manager has promised to scour the lower divisions looking for promising talent he can bring on.’
    • ‘I should say that I'm a stalwart supporter of free software and of open access to the scholarly and scientific literature.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, she was also a strong advocate of growth and had been a well-respected voice on the council with her own stalwart supporters in the business community.’
    • ‘Players, officials and supporters at Corsham Rugby Club have been paying tribute to a stalwart committee member who died on Friday aged 69.’
    • ‘A stalwart supporter of the Soil Association, Jo has hosted an organic event at her house and been to several at Highgrove.’
    • ‘So far, stalwart consumers, a solid housing sector, and stimulative government policies give reasons for optimism.’
    • ‘Martha Parry and her dedicated stalwart team have devoted the past nine years to saving the only remaining historic building of significance in our town.’
    • ‘Mr Fallows was a stalwart committee member whose name appeared year after year on the trophies, and the Horticultural Society Committee will be meeting shortly to decide upon some form of permanent memorial to him.’
    • ‘Her stalwart support has seen her raise more than a thousand pound every year for the society.’
    • ‘In addition, there are stalwart slides, reels and hornpipes all solid session tuned played with enthusiasm and character.’
    • ‘Unless the music-loving public supports the few existing venues, even these stalwart locations will disappear and karaoke will have won.’
    • ‘In that position, however, he remained a stalwart support of the Arctic Program.’
    • ‘He was a stalwart supporter of Shamrock Gaels GAA club and, of the sport in general.’
    • ‘York's defence was stalwart and the forwards worked themselves to exhaustion to keep their lead.’
    • ‘In August 1894, a stalwart supporter carried into the Parliament a ‘monster’ petition in favour of women's suffrage.’
    • ‘Mrs Taylor regularly ran Salisbury's soup kitchens, providing hot food for the hungry, and she was a stalwart supporter of the homeless trust.’
    • ‘Jay Haley is arguably the most stalwart hold-out in the family therapy field for the strong-sense idea of symptom function.’
    • ‘The wines have been imported for the Royal Cliff by Ambrose wines, whose managing director, Ron Batori has been another stalwart supporter of the Wine Club.’
    staunch, loyal, faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, dependable, reliable, steady, constant, trusty, hard-working, vigorous, stable, firm, steadfast, redoubtable, resolute, unswerving, unwavering, unhesitating, unfaltering
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    1. 1.1dated Strongly built and sturdy.
      ‘he was of stalwart build’
      • ‘The wanderer ventured forth into the eternal pass of cragged rock, worn with lines of age, yet stalwart and strong with thick trunks of stone bolstering the walls.’
      • ‘target: not reached’
      • ‘However, when ethnologists from the Smithsonian Institute visited the Quinault later in the century, they found a robust and stalwart people.’
      • ‘Erwin was as stalwart and powerful as always, and with him came his wife and their sons.’
      strapping, well built, well made, muscular, athletic, strong, hefty, brawny, powerfully built, powerful, solidly built, solid, burly, stocky, thickset, rugged, substantial, robust, vigorous, tough, hardy, mighty, lusty, herculean
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  • A loyal, reliable, and hardworking supporter or participant in an organization or team.

    ‘the stalwarts of the Ladies' Auxiliary’
    • ‘It was probably the biggest-ever gathering of stalwarts in the music field in recent times.’
    • ‘Will Viva be able to continue their good work even without the support of these stalwarts?’
    • ‘The participating artists are stalwarts in their field and well-established names.’
    • ‘Within a period of a little more than a decade the stalwarts of the movement were found faltering in a state of utter frustration.’
    • ‘The city's unsung community stalwarts were honoured at a glittering ceremony last night in the Ebor Suite at York Racecourse.’
    • ‘The club suffered a major blow with the death recently of a founder member and one of its biggest stalwarts, David Chapman.’
    • ‘The two stalwarts who aided him in defining his sculptural terrain were Michelangelo and August Rodin.’
    • ‘He's been a legend in his own time, one of those stalwarts of network news who made cable news.’
    • ‘The centre is the realisation of years of hard work by a number of stalwarts of the game.’
    • ‘Villagers are celebrating after two community stalwarts were recognised in the Queen's New Year's honours list.’
    • ‘My brother's close association with them also meant that I could learn directly from those stalwarts.’
    • ‘Depp is the detective trying to protect her and the rest of the cast includes stalwarts of British acting such as Ian Holm and Robbie Coltrane.’
    • ‘In autumn sunshine, Royal British Legion stalwarts and young uniformed cadets stood shoulder to shoulder.’
    • ‘The Pars supporters remember him as a stalwart and the club cherished his memory by naming a stand after him.’
    • ‘A community came together yesterday to bid an emotional farewell to one of its leading stalwarts.’
    • ‘Some old stalwarts appear in the traditional character parts but there are also some newcomers.’
    • ‘They will have to challenge without the support of either Jose Maria Jimenez or Denis Menchov, two of the stalwarts of the team.’
    • ‘The couple have always been carnival stalwarts and for many years entered floats with friends.’
    • ‘It has been a sad summer at Sedgley Park as the club have said farewell to a number of loyal stalwarts.’
    • ‘The stalwarts shared many memorable nights of music with music lovers here.’
    follower, supporter, upholder, defender, advocate, disciple, votary, partisan, member, friend, stalwart
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Late Middle English: Scots variant of obsolete stalworth, from Old English stǣl place + weorth worth.