Definition of Stalinist in US English:



  • A supporter of the Soviet statesman Stalin or his ideology and policies.

    ‘the role of the Stalinists during the Spanish Civil War’
    • ‘They are Stalinists who would censor the arts to suit their own political ends.’
    • ‘A columnist in the Post accused the marchers of having been duped by a remnant group of Stalinists.’
    • ‘On the front page he was referred to as a Stalinist.’
    • ‘Reading his own apologia affirms a depth of understanding which Feinstein is inclined to ignore, dismissing him as a Stalinist.’
    • ‘No, no, of course I'm not a Stalinist.’


  • Relating to the Soviet statesman Joseph Stalin or his ideology and policies.

    ‘the Stalinist regime’
    • ‘In Orwell's view, it was the Stalinist Left that had betrayed the common people, not democratic socialists like himself.’
    • ‘An idealist, he could not stomach the new Stalinist dictates of socialist realism.’
    • ‘His memoir appeared in Polish in 1946, only to be choked off by Stalinist censors.’
    • ‘The old opposition has been replaced by a civil war between Stalinist totalitarianism and democratic socialism.’
    • ‘It is a dazzlingly detailed, frank retelling of the Stalinist period.’