Definition of Stalag in US English:



  • (in World War II) a German prison camp, especially for noncommissioned officers and privates.

    • ‘He was taken prisoner after the Normandy landings and transported to the Stalag VIIIC PoW camp on the Polish border.’
    • ‘He was incarcerated in three different Stalags prior to his escape and repatriation.’
    • ‘Having been shot down over Berlin, Roy was captured by the Nazis and sent to the Stalag 6 prisoner of war camp.’
    • ‘And stamped on the inside cover is the imprint of the Stalag where he spent the latter part of WWII, having been shot down over Germany on a fighter mission.’
    • ‘Well, as a prisoner of war in Stalag 17, the 4,300 of us there, of whom 1,200 were from this new group that got shot down in those three weeks that I'm speaking about, we were under the command of the Luftwaffe.’


German, contraction of Stammlager, from Stamm ‘base, main stock’ + Lager ‘camp’.