Definition of Stakhanovite in US English:



  • 1A worker in the former Soviet Union who was exceptionally hardworking and productive.

    ‘the Stakhanovites succeeded in increasing the quantity of goods produced’
    • ‘The shock worker campaign propagandists latched on to his achievement, and soon the shock workers became known as Stakhanovites.’
    • ‘It recognized tens of thousands of women in retailing as labor heroes: exemplary workers, shock workers, and Stakhanovites.’
    • ‘Artworks created in the period of the revolutionary avant-garde - by the Suprematists Kasimir Malevich and Clement Redko, for example - are hung next to Stalinist kitsch, e.g., ‘Stakhanovites on Stalin's Road’ from Alexander Deineka.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, resentment was mollified by extending the honour, so that a quarter or so of workers in an enterprise could qualify as Stakhanovites.’
    hard worker, toiler, workhorse, galley slave
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    1. 1.1 An exceptionally hardworking or zealous person.
      as modifier ‘she was a Stakhanovite worker in the field of female suffering’
      ‘a Stakhanovite train-washing program’
      • ‘She seems to me, from that account, to be a sort of capitalist Stakhanovite, a little lucky, a little phoney, but what the 80s were all about - larger than life greed.’
      • ‘Given the Stakhanovite imperative at work with the public display of the petition, how many students could conceivably have felt free to express a contrary view in any manner?’
      • ‘Kilmarnock's unglamorous engine room had been functioning fitfully, with Alan Mahood hoovering up in the middle, but Holt, usually a Stakhanovite in his labouring, was running out of puff.’
      • ‘The Stakhanovite high street spender would power a general recovery in the course of the year, making up for that non-recovery in business investment.’
      • ‘Google co-founder Sergey Brinn left the Soviet Union when he was five years old, but was able to communicate something of the Stakhanovite work ethic to his co-founder US-born Larry Page.’
      • ‘If anyone feels like slowing down, or taking a break, it need not be occasion for Stakhanovite appeals to work harder.’
      • ‘There's no doubt that not only have they been stronger, fitter and better-prepared than any of their international opponents over the last two decades, but that this Stakhanovite reputation has preceded them.’
      • ‘They claimed outrage at the smear directed at their valiant, Stakhanovite workforce.’
      • ‘This is a truly Stakhanovite effort, by all the maintainers, the pilots, the fuelers and unloaders, and by Air Traffic Control.’
      • ‘Don't allow yourself to be spooked into Stakhanovite overdrive; seek command of your own life.’
      • ‘Moravcik's background gives him an appreciation of a Stakhanovite work ethic.’
      • ‘The Scotland striker put in a Stakhanovite shift on Thursday night, working Dnipro's rearguard tirelessly and pulling defenders out of position to create openings for others.’


1930s: from the name of Aleksei Grigorevich Stakhanov (1906–1977), Russian coal miner.